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Leong Hum Engineering Pte Ltd has been in the business since 1983 and our business involves the following services:

Authorised Dealer for "DAIKIN" Airconditioning for Domestic, Industrial and Commercial Buildings.

Undertake to design and construct "ELECTRICAL" & "AIRCONDITIONING" Installation for all Domestic, Industrial & Commercial Buildings. (All type of Airconditioning Systems, such as Air-Cooled Systems and Air/Water-Cooled Chilled Water Systems).

Trading all kinds of "ELECTRICAL" & "AIRCONDITIONING" Components/Equipment.

Calibration and installation of all Instruments and all precision Equipment/Plant.

In Year 1983, our turnover sales was S$350,000 and we have over the years increased it to about S$32 Million for account ending 31 March 2016.

Similarly, our total work force of only about 10 in Year 1983 has also been increased to about 130 staff.

Thus, with the vast cumulated experience and expertise, our Company strongly believe in the continual improvement of providing our best quality and efficient services to all Clients at all times.

Electrical & Air Conditioning for Residential, Industrial & Commercial

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